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Looking for a Wedding Photographer in Slovenia?

Hey, I'm Ausma, capturing your unique love story through the lens of adventure and passion!

From capturing cherished family moments to documenting international events and awe-inspiring outdoor adventures, my photography journey has instilled in me a profound appreciation for the power of connection and the beauty of love.

Just as an athlete's victory creates powerful memories, I find capturing the love and care shared between couples during weddings a truly beautiful experience. Each event is one-of-a-kind, as is each person who takes part in it.

As a photographer, I embrace the responsibility of capturing the full story, from the big picture down to the tiniest details.

Couples interacting with each other in endearing ways, like sharing a piece of cake or enjoying their first dance — witnessing these moments is what makes my work as a wedding photographer truly special.

Kind Words from Happy Couples

Katja & Klemen

We chose Ausma for her adventurous spirit and aesthetic sense. She guided us while letting us be ourselves, feeling relaxed all throughout the shoot. The photos are full of natural colors and captured our emotions very well.



Annija & Kristaps

We had a vision and knew that everything would come together, but it was even better. The final product is so full of natural emotions and body language! One has to have the skill to do it, and Ausma has it!



Sabina & Drago

Found Ausma via sister's recommendation & loved her energy. She easily connected with everyone, making photos natural & capturing perfect moments. Guests praised her energy & skill, and the photos are stunning.


Sintija & Artis

Planning our wedding shoot, we wanted comfort & spontaneity with the photographer. Ausma was the perfect choice, making communication & collaboration easy. We only have the best to say about our experience!



My Favorite Experience as a Slovenia Wedding Photographer 

Once, I received a last-minute invitation to photograph a wedding on the next day.


Weather forecast? Heavy rain.


Of course, I accepted the challenge and came prepared with a stylish umbrella for the couple. On the big day, we hurried towards the castle, with everyone doing their best to protect the bride's dress. Little girls gleefully lifted the hem, while the groom-to-be shielded his bride with the umbrella.


The photographs from that day remain among my all-time favorites, capturing the joy and spontaneity of that unforgettable experience.

“I love capturing those playful and intimate moments of love”

Let's create heartwarming memories!
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